Cougar Fuel Systems


Custom Control Panels for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Sump Pump Controls

Boasting a PLC based control system, the Series PLC80 control panel with digital touchscreen is the perfect solution for storm/sanitary sump pump control.

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Oil Logic™

Designed specifically for sump pump applications that may have an oil/water interface, our Oil Logic™ sump pump system allow you to pump water not oil.

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Fuel System Controls

Cougar Fuel Systems™ utilizes Cougar Controls' PLC based control panels for all of their critical fuel systems.

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Learn more about Cougar Controls™ by visiting us at Booth #8291 at the upcoming 2014 AHR Expo. This year's show will be in New York City running from January 21st-23rd. For more information click here.

Custom Control Panels

Have a custom control panel need? Look no further than Cougar Controls™ as your custom control panel solution. Let our controls group design job specific control panels to serve your specific needs. Contact us toll free at (866) 914-2822 or send inquiries via email at